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T² is a Auckland based, consultancy providing specialist professional services in traffic and transportation engineering.  Our services include the areas of transportation planning studies, transport assessments, economic analyses, detailed deisgn, safety studies and assessment, policy development and transportation research. 


Recent Projects

New pedestrian path linking fields

Thomas Bloodworth Park (Shore Road Reserve)

There was a requirement for additional parking spaces to be installed at the sports and recreational facility located at Shore Road.

Real Time Information Systems

Public Transport

We have been assisting Auckland Transport (AT) with PT projects such as the final testing for the real time signs, a project we have been involved with for a number of years and it was good to see it reach this milestone.

Grafton Gully pedestrian and cycling facilities

SH16 Grafton Gully

We undertook an investigation along the SH16 Grafton Gully corridor to develop options to improve pedestrian and cycling facilities and amenity along the corridor. The objectives of the investigation were to integrate proposed pedestrian and cycle facilities with the SH16 Grafton Gully route optimization.