A Stop Too Short

A Stop Too Short

Auckland Transport's bus stop numbered 5236 outside 400 Titirangi Road was only 11m long and too short to accommodate a standard length bus which is 13-14m long.

Buses also had difficulty pulling out of the stop due to the close proximity to the end of the indented bay.  Buses were forced to pull out sharply from the stop resulting in a tail swing over a narrow footpath creating a problem for passing pedestrians.

Bus stop was too short to accommodate standard length bus   How it looked before work started


The proposal was to shift the bus stop further east by 3m and extend it by 4m. The slip lane from Rangiwai Road Road to Titirangi Road would be converted into a raised, paved platform area with vehicle ramps at either end.  This meant the existing disabled parking space was retained in its current location with associated markings and signage and the P10 parking space would be removed.

Consultation was carried out and feedback received suggesting that addtional cycle racks could be installed where the P10 parking area was currently located. 

 Construction is underway
 Project is finished - complete with bike stands