Wairau Road/Archers Road

Wairau Road/Archers Road

T² was originally commissioned by the New Zealand Fire Service to prepare a traffic impact assessment to assist the Service obtain a resource consent for a new fire station to be built on the corner of Wairau Road and Curry Lane. 

A number of issues were raised and to facilitate the proposed development, a left turn slip lane into Curry Lane was designed as the fire trucks were required to enter via Curry Lane and exit onto Wairau Road.  Services on the corner were extensive and as a result too costly and impractical to relocate.

Discussions were held with the Councils’ representative and Council agreed that it would be desirable to improve the balance of the intersection as a poor accident history indicated problems with visibility and tracking.  Whilst we were addressing the larger issues of heavy vehicle tracking on the corner of Wairau Road and Archers Road a number of minor safety problems were raised. 

  Corner of Curry Lane and Wairau Rd, Glenfield

It was decided to include other sections of the Council in the project to ensure that when the project was completed all safety concerns that could be addressed were addressed.  These included a complete traffic signals make-over with new poles and lanterns, new cabling and ducting as well as the separation of pedestrian facilities to comply with the standards. 

T² also negotiated a cost share agreement with the Fire Service on behalf of Council, liaised with various sections within Council to obtain agreements, prepared contract documentation, and held preliminary meetings with possible contractors.