College Hill and Scotland St Intersection

College Hill and Scotland St Intersection

 T² was commissioned to conduct a preliminary scheme design for improvements to pedestrian crossing facilities at the College Hill/Scotland Street intersection located in Freemans Bay. 

The area around the intersection is primarily mixed use with a New World supermarket located on the eastern corner of the intersection.

Prior to the improvements, the intersection had an unusual design with a splitter island separating left and right turn movements into Scotland Street from College Hill.

This was causing confusion/conflict for drivers at the merge point beyond the island on Scotland Street.


The problem was compounded by the fact that parking spaces started at the same location.  The configuration also was not very accommodating for pedestrians as they needed to look in a number of directions at once when crossing the intersection, plus had a wide distance to cross.

Resetting the 'Give Way' rule changed the dynamics of the intersection and the original purpose of the splitter island, making the island surplus to requirements.

T²'s proposal was to:

1) Square up the approach of Scotland Street to College Hill which will also significantly improve the environment for pedestrians wishing to cross Scotland Street;

2) Extend the kerb along the southern side of College Hill and along the western side of Scotland Street which will increase the length and width of the footpath;

3) Install a narrower throat island to separate turning movements;

4) Widen the flush median on College Hill which will provide a 2m wide waiting area for vehicles wishing to turn;

5) Install a new pram crossing on the western side of Scotland Street as part of the kerb extension which will align with the central throat island. The existing pram crossing on the eastern side of Scotland Street will be realigned to direct pedestrians safely across the road to the new throat island.


View of the completed project