Future Streets - Te Ara Mua

Future Streets - Te Ara Mua

 T² is excited to be involved in the Future Streets joint venture in collaboration with TERNZ and Auckland Transport. 


The Te Ara Mua - Mangere Future Streets project is an innovative project aimed at promoting alternative transportation modes to the car in and around the Mangere area.  The overall philosophy of the project is to create high quality infrastructure that will be perceived as being safe and easy to use for all locals, especially those that are not confident walking and cycling in the current environment.  This will create a long term and more enduring change in attitudes throughout the community to walking and cycling in this area.

The elements included in this package are shown in Figure 1 below and include roading upgrades and new paths through reserve areas.


Map above shows:

1) Windrush Close to Waddon Place Reserve Walkway

2) Mascot Avenue

3) Imrie Avenue

The design principles for the project were set out at the preliminary design stage:

  • Street/route hierarchy giving greater priority to pedestrians and cyclists;
  • People feel safe on routes;
  • Reduced traffic speed and make it more consistent;
  • Improve peoples ability to cross the road safely
  • Schools and Mall are priority destinations for the walking and cycling network;
  • An arterial separated bike network is important;
  • Improvements reflect the identity of Mangere people.

The preliminary design phase of the project was undertaken in late-2014.  The following areas have been progressed to detailed design:

Windrush Close to Waddon Place Reserve Walkway

The objectives of the design were to relocate the pedestrian pathway away from the fence-lines to improve safety and encourage passive security. This allows creation of open and active spaces along with the installation of shared walking and cycling ‘Community Trail’.  It also provides the opportunity for additional planting, and to encourage the community to engage with the spaces created.  The reserve walkway is to form part of the Community Trail loop which includes the reserve areas, Mascot Ave and part of Waddon Place.

Windrush Close and Pershore Place

The proposal is to close Windrush Close to through traffic at the northern end of the road just south of Ansty Place, effectively creating two cul-de-sac’s.  The objective of this treatment is to stop ‘rat running’ and reinforce the local street environment.  Windrush Close and Pershore Place also form part of the Community Trail.

Mascot Avenue

Mascot Avenue is a Collector Road, but has quite different land uses fronting the road between the northern and southern end.  At the northern end is the town centre and commercial operations which transition into more residential activity towards the south.  The objective was to provide greater pedestrian and cycle priority along this road, improving connectivity between the town centre, school, kindergarten, and reserve walkways.  Traffic calming is also proposed in key locations to slow vehicle speeds around highly pedestrianised areas.

The other aspect of operation of Mascot Road that will change in the near future is that the current bus route along whole length of Mascot Ave will alter to using Friesian Drive and Mascot Ave only at the northern end.

Imrie Avenue

The brief for Imrie Ave was primarily to slow vehicle speeds and reinforce the local street environment.  There is a Primary School located on Imrie Ave that generates a significant number of vehicles on this local road.  The preliminary design was to install sets of side islands to narrow the road and slow vehicle movements.
Raised platform during construction   Floating bus stop under construction
Footpath proirity under construction   Raised Zebra crossing under construction
Cycle separators under construction   Reserve paths under construction
Reserve paths under construction   Reserve paths under construction