Future Network to the North

Future Network to the North

T² was commissioned by the Investigation and Design Team of Auckland Transport to undertake detailed design for public transport improvements at the intersection of Oteha Valley Road and SH1 northbound on-ramp, Albany.

The key objective of the design was to allow buses to access the northbound motorway on-ramp via the Oteha Valley road intersection. Buses will cross over Oteha Valley Road from the left hand lane of the northbound off-ramp to the right hand lane of the northbound on-ramp.

One of the key concerns was that vehicles turning left from Oteha Valley Road onto the northbound motorway on-ramp may not expect buses to travel straight through the Oteha Valley intersection resulting in side impact crashes between buses and passenger vehicles.

A decision was made to separate the two movements by providing a separate left turn slip lane for vehicles accessing the on-ramp from Oteha Valley Road eastbound. This slip lane will be protected from through bus movements by an island extension and flush median to reinforce the desired behaviour. A continuity line will also be painted through the intersection to ensure buses follow the desired route.

Intersection prior to re-design
Oteha Valley Road - general layout plan



Various stages of construction


Left turn slip lane is complete