SH16 Grafton Gully

SH16 Grafton Gully

T² undertook an investigation along the SH16 Grafton Gully corridor to develop options to improve pedestrian and cycling facilities and amenity along the corridor. The objectives of the investigation were to integrate proposed pedestrian and cycle facilities with the SH16 Grafton Gully route optimization.

In addition, all proposed facilities were to complement and support the opening of the Grafton Gully Cycleway (in late 2014) and the Parnell Rail Station (2015/16).

Strategic documents such as the Auckland Plan, The City Centre Master Plan and the East West Access Study were key reference documents. These documents highlighted the need for providing a high level of connectivity and amenity along and across the corridor for pedestrians and cyclists.


The critical issue therefore was to provide a balance between the vehicular traffic using the corridor and the needs of pedestrians and cyclists in an environment of competing demands for space and time. Concept plans, cost estimates and an immediate to long-term implementation programme (based on expected land-use scenarios) were also developed as part of the project.

A consultation workshop was undertaken with key stakeholders and individual discussions were also held with the respective stakeholders.