Station Rd Footpath

Station Rd Footpath

The Auckland Transport Community Transport team identified a need to provide a new footpath facility on the southern side of Station Road East in Penrose.  T² was asked to investigate and undertake scheme design work which included examining the feasibility of installing the footpath around existing electricity pylons with regard to the impact that would have on lane configuration and traffic operations.
The new footpath needed to be between O’Rorke Road and Maurice Road to enable east – west pedestrian movement along Station Road. The construction of the footpath would eliminate a gap in the footpath network and provide an improved pedestrian route from the Penrose train station to Mount Smart stadium and beyond.

There was approximately 400m between the existing footpath facilities and evidence that pedestrians were currently tracking along the road edge between the line of trees and the existing kerb line.


The new footpath on the southern side would provide a safer route as the alternative footpath on the northern side of Station Road crosses many commercial driveways.  In addition, crossing Station Road from south to north and vice versa to access useable footpath was not safe due to the lack of crossing facilities at both Maurice Road and O’Rorke Road intersections. Both those intersections are Seagull intersections with multiple lanes and it is preferable that pedestrians travelling east – west along Station Road remain on the southern side between the train station and destinations to the west.
The relocated kerb line required adjustments to the existing road markings including the provision of NSAAT (No Stopping At All Times) lines along the new kerbline where the revised lane widths did not allow for parking and through traffic and the changing of a shared “through and left turn” lane into a “left turn only” lane westbound at the O’Rorke Road intersection.



   The new footpath needed to avoid two existing power pylons, telecommunications
and a number of protected trees within the existing berm.

The option selected was to install a 2.0m wide concrete footpath 1m within the existing carriageway and 1m within the existing berm (relocating the existing kerb line 1m out into the carriageway). This provided a new facility for pedestrians walking east – west on the southern side of the road and did not adversely affect the following:
                  • Power pylons
                  • Protected trees
                  • Existing traffic lane widths
                  • Existing flush median widths

T² was involved in the footpath design from the concept stage right through to the preparation of detailed design construction plans. T² were also responsible for the preparation of the Resolution report and plans to be presented to the Traffic Control Committee. Liaison with a number of stakeholders was required throughout the process, including arborists, Vector and internal Auckland Transport teams.

View of the completed project
T² also provided technical advice during the construction.