Cycle Lane Projects

Cycle Lane Projects

T2 has been involved in the detailed design of a number of new cycle lane projects in Auckland.  These projects considered on road cycling facilities and where these facilities were not practical or safe, off road shared paths were to be provided.  The projects include the following:

Station Road and a part of Saint George Street in Papatoetoe
The project was extended to capture and upgrade the existing cycle lanes in Portage Road & Buckland Road.
The length of the route is approximately 3.3km and included 240m of shared paths and
nearly 5.6km of on-road cycle lanes.
Browns Road Manurewa

The full length of Browns Road in Manurewa was also treated with approximately 200m of shared paths and nearly 4.0km of on road cycle lanes. 

The two schools along the route meant that parking could not be removed adjacent to the schools and special provisions were included to ensure existing access were maintained.  The intersection at Dalgety Drive was also redesigned to improve pedestrian safety as over 500 children crossed the intersection during the peak periods.

Weymouth Road

A long length of Weymouth Road has been designed to accommodate cycle lanes and shared paths.  The existing off road facilities on the southern side of the road at the western end of Weymouth were linked to new on road cycle lanes to provide the connectivity required.  The project included 900m of shared paths and 2.5km of on road cycle lanes.

Alfriston Road

The full length of Alfriston Road between Great South Road and Porchester Road has been redesigned to accommodate approximately 240m of shared paths and nearly 3.5km of on road cycle lanes.  A short section across the bridge of the motorway was not included due to physical constraints of the existing structure.

Papakura Town Centre

A section of Great South Road immediately south of the Papakura Town Centre has also been redesigned to improve accessibility for walking and cycling.  Approximately 630m of shared paths and 3.1km of on road cycle lanes will be provided.

All these projects provide vital links in the Auckland wide strategic walking and cycling network to enhance the live-ability of the Auckland region and promote alternative modes of travel.

Airport to City Cycle Trail

T2 has also prepared scheme and detailed design plans for a cycle trail to link the Auckland international airport to the down town area.  This has been achieved by utilising a number of existing facilities where possible and providing alternative options where no facilities exist.  This is a collaborative effort between AT, AIAA, Cycle Action Auckland, The New Zealand Cycle trail and Auckland Council to ensure that the routes met the needs of the various groups.  A number of issues were encountered and numerous changes were required due to
proposed future works at key locations along the route.