Thomas Bloodworth Park (Shore Road Reserve)

Thomas Bloodworth Park (Shore Road Reserve)

There was a requirement for additional parking spaces to be installed at the sports and recreational facility located at Shore Road.

The Orakei Board was instrumental in providing support for the car park redesign to address congestion around Shore Road.

The works included a reconfiguration of the current car park to maximise its use and provide dedicated spaces for parents with children wishing to use the playground.

Parking is at a premium on practise nights and during sports events held over most weekends. Overflow parking has traditionally been available on the grassed areas west of the playground.  Unfortunately the land was reclaimed mudflats and susceptible to water ingress which made the surface unsuitable for vehicle movements.  Fill material uncovered during the initial excavation meant levels were adjusted to avoid unnecessary and potentially costly excavation.

A new all-weather path was constructed between the footbridge (over the stream between the Shore Road Reserve and Thomas Bloodworth Park) and the entrance to the new sealed car park.

Wooden bollards were installed around the perimeter to prevent unauthorised vehicular access and removable stainless steel bollards installed at key access point to facilitate parking and maintenance. 

It is expected the new car parking facilities will enhance and reinforce the reputation of these facilities with young families and sports enthusiast. The addition of this extra parking facility will increase the popularity of the playground and indoor cricket facilities, extending their use throughout winter and spring when the outdoor grounds can become waterlogged.

New sealed access to car park   Casual parking areas & pedestrian path 
All weather path