Safety Audits

Safety Audits

Safety Audit is an internationally used term to describe an independent peer review of the safety features of an existing or new road project.  The safety audit team considers the safety of all road users and qualitatively reports on road safety issues and opportunities to improve safety.

The primary objective of a road safety audit is to help ensure a project achieves and outcome consistent with Safer Journeys and the Safe System Approach – that is minimisations of death and serious injury.  The road safety audit identifies all areas of a project that are inconsistent with a safe system   and brings those concerns to the attention of the client, so the client can choose appropriate actions based on the risk guidance provided by the safety audit team.

The key objective of a road safety audit is to deliver completed projects that contribute towards a safe roading system that is increasingly free of death and serious injury by identifying and ranking potential safety concerns for all road users and others affected by a road project. 

We have been involved in all stages of safety auditing from feasibility through to post construction.  We have
audited urban and rural projects including unsealed and sealed roads, local, collector and arterial roads, expressways and motorways, LATM schemes, 40 km/h school zones, roadwork's sites, bus lanes, cycle and
pedestrian facilities.

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