Traffic Impact Assessments - Services and Reviews

Traffic Impact Assessments - Services and Reviews

Traffic Impact Assessments are often required by Council during the Resource Consent process to ensure that the traffic effects of a proposed development are acceptable and will not affect the safety or functionality of the local roading network.

Typically a Traffic Impact Assessment addresses the following matters:
  • Assessment of the parking provisions and parking manoeuvring space;
  • Assessment of the existing road safety, efficiency and traffic patterns of the existing local road network;
  • The traffic likely to be generated by the proposed development and the ability of the road network to accommodate the generated trips;
  • The ability of the proposed development to satisfy the design standards and layout requirements of the relevant District Plan.

T² has had extensive experience in the Resource Management process, both reviewing applications to Council and preparing Traffic Impact Assessments for developers looking to gain resource consent for proposed developments. Our experience working with Council has given us insight into Council requirements and processes, so our Traffic Impact Assessments are tailored to minimise the time and cost incurred by Council during the Resource Consent process.

T² has prepared Traffic Impact Assessments for projects ranging from small commercial stores and one-lot subdivisions up to large industrial developments, airparks and marinas. 



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